Prepare to be captivated by the exceptional lineup of top-tier speakers gracing Curaçao

for the Lifestyle Medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean Conference – a gathering that promises to inspire, educate, and redefine possibilities.

Keynote Lectures

February 23:

  • The Endothelium – Eduardo Barbosa
  • The Nutrition Transition: Dynamics and potential for slowing down or reversing the current pattern – Barry Popkin

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February 24:

  • Environmental carcinogens: emerging risk factors in liver cancer- John D. Groopman
  • Is modern food harming human health? (And what we can do about it) – Jeremy Lim

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February 25:

  • Social determinants of non-communicable disease – Ana Diez Roux

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Position at which organisation / Key Qualification

Andrea Alimonti Switzerland Director of the Institute of Oncology Research in Bellinzona, Switzerland, is a full professor at the University of the Italian-Switzerland, at ETH Zurich and at the University of Padova
Eduardo Barbosa Brazil Past Chairman Dpt of Hypertension, Porto Alegre Pan Am College of Endothelium
Simon Barquera Cervera Mexico Director Center for Research in Nutrition & Health, National Inst of Public Health, Mexico & Pres-elect of World Obesity Federation.
Jonathan Bonnet U.S.A. Am Board of Lifestyle Medicine, co-chair Am College of Lifestyle Medicine, Ass professor at Stanford Univ
Keith Britton Panama Radiotherapist & Radiosurgeon, Panama City
Paulo Buss Brazil President, Latin American Global Health Alliance
Efrain Cambronero Costa Rica Surgical oncologist & Founding member of Centro Integral de Oncologia
Eduardo Cazap Argentina Founder & 1st President Latin American & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology; Harvard Distinguished Leader.
Camila Corvalan Chile Dir Center for Research in Food Environments & Prevention of Nutrition-Related Chronic Diseases, CIAPEC.
Jean Crusol Martinique Past-Dean Faculties of Economics and Law of Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana
Jhony Cruz-Vargas Peru Founder, President, Latin Am Lifestyle Medicine (LALMA).
Evelien Dekker Netherlands Prof GI Oncology, Univ of Amsterdam. Leader of Dutch National Colorectal Cancer screening program
Ana Diez-Roux U.S.A. Dir Drexel Urban Health Collaborative, Philadelphia
Louise Elstak Curaçao Louise Elstak is the General Director at the Caribbean Prevention Center ‘Fundashon Prevenshon’ since 2013.
Ashley Duits Curaçao Prof., Director Red Cross Bloodbank Foundation, Chair Caribbean Caribbean Prevention Center/Fundashon Prevenshon.
Izzy Gerstenbluth Curaçao Head Dpt Epidemiology & Social Science, Curacao Biomedical & Health Research Institute.
John Groopman U.S.A. Prof Preventive Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Ioan Hanes Belgium Past-vice-chairman of the Eur Lifestyle Medicine Org (ELMO). Founder Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Org (BELMO)
Peter Harper UK Board Member International Ass for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC),
Fitzroy Henry Jamaica Prof of Public Health Nutrition, Past-Dir Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (PAHO/WHO).
Vilma Irazola Argentina Dir Institute for Clinical Effectiveness & Health Policy (IECS), South American Center of Excellence for Cardiovascular Health.
Robert Kelly Ireland Board Member of European Lifestyle Medicine Organisation, Co-Founding Member of the Irish Society of Lifestyle Medicine
David Khayat France Founding President of Cancer National Institute (INCa). Prof Medical Oncologist, Clinic Bizet (Paris).
Roderik Kraaijenhagen Netherlands Founder & dir Vital10 Inc.; provider for eHealth and guided self management of modifiable risk factors, Amsterdam
Fernanda Kroker Lobos Guatemala Nutritional epidemiologist, coordinator Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (CIIPEC-INCAP) Guatemala
Jeremy Lim Singapore Dir Global health at Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore.
Claudio Majul Argentina Elected President “Sociedad Argentina de Cardiología (SAC)”
Monica Manrique Espinnoza Chile Dir and founding member of the Chilean Ass of Clinical Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolism (2007-2011)
Ingemar Merkies Curaçao Medical Dir Curaçao Medical Center,
Maria Montes de Oca Venezuela Past-President of the Latin American Association of Thorax (ALAT) period 2012-2014.
Olefunmilayo Olopade U.S.A. Founding dir Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics & Global Health, Univ of Chicago Medicine
Rogelio Perez-Padilla Mexico Emeritus at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases of Mexico and at the National System of Researchers,Mexico.
Hedda Phillips Barbados Food & Nutrition educator, Food at school
Hanno Pijl Netherlands Leader, Lifestyle, Obesity & diabetes, Leiden University
Bob Pinedo Curaçao Founder & past-chairman Caribbean Prevention Center/Fundashon Prevenshon
Barry Popkin U.S.A. Creator of the concept of Nutrition Transition, policy design and evaluation at  global level
Michel Poulain Belgium Longevity studies. Em-professor at UCLouvain, ; identification of 5 Blue Zones
Manuel Ramirez-Zea Guatemala Head, Dpt Nutrition & Chronic Diseases, Institute of Nutrition of Central America & Panama, Guatemala.
Juan Rivera Dommarco Mexico Past-Dir (2017-2022), National Institute of Public Health (INSP), México, Member EAT committee of The Lancet.
Adolfo (Dolfy) Rubinstein Argentina Founder & past-Dir-General, Institute for Clinical Effectiveness & Health Policy (IECS),Argentina
Luiz Antonio Santini Brazil Center of Strategic Studies (CEE) Fiocruz, Ministry of Health, Brazil
Beatriz Schaan Brazil Outstanding in clinical research and population studies on diabetes, exercise, obesity and metabolic syndrome
Jaap Seidell Netherlands Past-president, Eur Ass for the Study of Obesity, past-ed-in-chief of “Eur Journal of Clinical Nutrition” & “Public Health Nutrition”
Soraya Verstraeten Netherlands Quality manager of the Caribbean Prevention Center (Fundashon Prevenshon) in Curaçao and an Assistant Professor at the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management in Rotterdam
Carlos Torres-Duque Colombia Dir International Research Center on Respiratory Health
Vish Viswanath India Director of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, India Research Center, Faculty Director of the Health Communication Core of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
Salim Yusuf Canada University Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, Executive Director of the Population Health Research Institute